G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It?

G Spot in Women: What It Is, How to Find It? post thumbnail image

G spot in women may be their key to achieving intense orgasm during sex. However, orgasm in some women is as elusive as the G spot itself. G spot is one of the most debated female body parts. In fact, some people argue that the G spot does not exist. Nevertheless, sexually experienced women like hottest las vegas call girls know where the G spot is and how to stimulate it. This enables them to easily achieve orgasm and provide more sensual pleasure.

What is G Spot?

G Spot refers to the Gräfenberg spot that Dr. Beverly Whipple introduced after discovering that the use of “come here” motion inside the vagina led to a physical response. As such, Dr. Beverly concluded that this area of the vagina was essential in the achievement of female orgasm.

Nevertheless, G spot is actually not a distinct part of the female anatomy. In fact, efforts of some researchers to locate the G spot have been futile. The conclusions of most studies have been that the G spot is not a separate spot in the vagina. Instead, it’s part of the clitoral network. This means that G spot stimulation is actually stimulation of a section of the clitoris. Women with vast sexual experience know how to stimulate the G spot to enjoy or provide ultimate sensual pleasure.

Ideally, the pea-sized nub at the intersection point for the inner labia is just a tip of your clitoris. Additionally, the region known as the G spot varies from one woman to another. This explains why locating the G spot is not easy. Nevertheless, stimulation of the G spot leads to intense female ejaculation. It also helps women achieve orgasm.

How to Find It?

Finding your G spot might not be easy. This is particularly so because the human body map does not show it. It’s not surprising that a woman can hire a sexually experienced companion to help her locate the G spot. Nevertheless, the fact that you have difficulties finding the G spot doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You can find this spot with the help of your sexual partner or through self-exploration.

Insert and lift a toy or your fingers in your vagina towards the belly button. Make a come here motion with an aim of finding a specific button. Repeat this motion and don’t be tempted to make an in-and-out motion when the sensation starts to build.

The G spot can feel rougher when compared to the other vagina parts. It can also feel ridged. Since you don’t have a specific texture to look for, try to experiment until you find it. You can ask your partner to help you locate it or book an experienced mature las vegas escorts. Once you find it, direct your partner to it during sex to enjoy the intense orgasm that comes with its stimulation.


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