FAQs about Sex and Internet

Sex and Internet

The interned has made it much easier and convenient for many people to engage in a wide range of sexual behaviors. Compared to offline sexual activities, the cyber space offers a ‘safe’ platform for individuals to explore various experiences with very little to no physical or social harm. For instance, different people can indulge in cybersex with independent escorts over the internet without even meeting for a date.

Thanks to the internet, most people across the world have access to information on sex. However, there are many unanswered questions about sex and the internet. Here are some of the commonly asked questions about sex and internet.

Can People Have Sex Online?

Sex can include a wide range of activities that do not involve physical contact. As such, it is true that people can engage in sex over the internet. An example is where partners masturbate in front of a camera, laptop or PC, and the activity is shared between them in real time via the internet. While there is no physical contact, both partners feel like they are actually having sex together.

Can Cybersex Be Substituted With Real Life Sex?

It is hard to tell the point at which a person decides to stop engaging in real life sex for cyber sex. However, studies have shown that a small percentage of people that engage in cybersex excessively may substitute offline sexual activities with it.

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